Discover the true essence of Arabia, when your four-wheel drive leaves the bustling city of Ras Al Khaimah , heading towards Hatta and the picturesque Hajar Mountains across red sand dunes. En route you drive past a camel farm and see plantations of alfalfa, the high- protein food given to racing camels to enhance their performance.

The Fossil Rock is a monolith towering over the surrounding desert landscape and is embedded with fossils more than 80 million years old.

The silhouette of the rugged mountain range invites drivers to an off-road adventure through the steep passes. The journey takes you through a wild landscape of dramatic canyons, deep gorges filled with natural spring water and rocky valleys.

Even though the Hatta Pools are situated in Oman, they are accessible for visitors from the Emirates for a day’s stay. The drive ends in the village of Hatta where we visit the Heritage Village to visit the restored fort converted to a museum which provides fascinating historical information about the area.

We then have lunch at the beautiful Hatta Fort Hotel, still overwhelmed and impressed by the incomparable landscape. Mandatory: passports